Elevate recommends: Die @IGKultur@twitter.com Steiermark veranstaltet im Februar 2022 ihre ersten .
An zwei Tagen werden von @musicaustria@twitter.com Webinare zu den Themen Urheber*innenrecht für steirische Kulturakteur*innen und Musiker*innen angeboten.


Julianna Barwick "Healing is a Miracle" tour has been canceled – due to the surge in covid.

However, we hope to welcome Julianna Barwick in Graz very soon!

Tickets already purchased will of course be refunded.
We will keep you up to date on our channels!

Stay safe✌️

"SISTERS WITH TRANSISTORS" ist die bemerkenswerte, bisher unbekannte Geschichte der Pionierinnen der elektronischen Musik.

Die Doku ist ab jetzt verfügbar auf ARTE 👇

Projekt wird im Rahmen von @WeAreEurope@twitter.com in Zusammenarbeit mit @TodaysArt@twitter.com präsentiert.

"Make, Share, Change" - a new publication by @reimagine_EU@twitter.com focusing on audience development.

Read more about the Elevate Festival's approach to engaging audiences through art with social and political challenges that are decisive to Europe's future.

👉 re-imagine-europe.eu/resources

Elevate says thank you for 2021! After two postponements, the 1st summer edition of Elevate Festival and Lockdown Grooves aired on Ö1 and FM4, we can look back on a year full of joy.

We can't wait for 2022 and are excited for the Elevate Festival Summer Edition #2 - stay tuned!

Again, in 2022, Elevate Festival positions itself in summer and will focus on the festival theme , which will be highlighted in a variety of ways.

More information will follow from the beginning of March 2022.

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Who is ready for Elevate Festival Summer Edition #2? 🙌
New Date: 𝟭𝟯. - 𝟭𝟳.𝟬𝟳.𝟮𝟬𝟮𝟮 𝗘𝗹𝗲𝘃𝗮𝘁𝗲 𝗙𝗲𝘀𝘁𝗶𝘃𝗮𝗹

We can't wait to see you all again!


🎥 Cellist and composer @lukaslauermann@twitter.com about his latest album "I N". Interview by @weare_europe@twitter.com recorded at Elevate Festival 2021.
Let yourself sink INto it!

Watch 👉 youtube.com/watch?v=pksdOBfBjH

RT @Groove_Mag@twitter.com

Auch das Grazer @elevatefestival@twitter.com konnte in diesem Jahr zumindest größtenteils zur Normalität zurückkehren. Wir blicken zurück auf ein Sommer-Festival mit Schlossberg-Installationen, Orgelrecitalen im Grazer Dom und guten alten DJ-Sets. bit.ly/EleView21

🎥@reimagine_EU@twitter.com Sicherheitsrisiko Demokratie? Bedrohungen und Kriminalisierung von Aktivismus
w/ @RaulZelik@twitter.com, Andrea Kretschmann, Martin Balluch, @Tamara_Ehs@twitter.com, @nordwind2@twitter.com

In Kooperation mit @reimagine_EU@twitter.com und @europe_creative@twitter.com.

Ganzes Video👉elevate.at/medienarchiv/event/

RT @weare_europe@twitter.com

We met up with free software advocate, cultural explorer and social instigator @marcell@twitter.com during @elevatefestival@twitter.com to discuss @memoryofworld@twitter.com and other projects: weare-europe.eu/we-are-europe-

"Zukunft entsteht, wenn Gegenwart gestaltet wird."

@reimagine_EU@twitter.com Highlight #2: Philipp Blom's Opening Speech at

🎥 👉 elevate.at/medienarchiv/guest/

In Kooperation mit @reimagine_EU@twitter.com präsentiert.

📷 Johanna Lamprecht

"Zukunft entsteht, wenn Gegenwart gestaltet wird."

@reimagine_EU@twitter.com Highlight #2: Philipp Blom's Opening Speech at

🎥 👉 elevate.at/medienarchiv/guest/
In Kooperation mit @reimagine_EU@twitter.com präsentiert.

📷 Johanna Lamprecht

🎥 Exclusive video and interview with LOREM and our curator Berit Gilma on the exhibition "Distrust Everything" (August 4 to 8, 2021, in Graz).

This installation is part of @reimagine_EU@twitter.com, co-funded by the @europe_creative@twitter.com programme of the EU.

WATCH: aqnb.com/2021/10/07/lorem-shar

RT @weare_europe@twitter.com

Ariadne von Schirach dedicated her life to dissecting the inner vices that our western societies foster. Why are we so eager to be sexy? Where does our relation to property come from?

Watch the full interview filmed at @elevatefestival@twitter.com: weare-europe.eu/we-are-europe-

RT @weare_europe@twitter.com

🎥 Azu Tiwaline’s 'Magnetic Service' EP, featured on British imprint Livity Sound, took her touring to all parts of Europe, including Graz’s @elevate_festival@twitter.com, were we had the opportunity to chat with her

Watch the full video 👉 weare-europe.eu/we-are-europe-

Elevate recommends: ORF @musikprotokoll@twitter.com 2021 at @stherbst@twitter.com
"nomadic sounds"
07.10.–10.10.2021, on stage – on air – online

More info 👉 musikprotokoll.ORF.at

📷"Echo (many shells)", courtesy of Nona Inescu and SpazioAgallery

Now available at the best record store in town Dux Records: "…and cannot reach the silence" (LP) - Rdeča Raketa (Ventil Records)

Their new project "…and cannot reach the silence" takes you on a psychedelic journey to yourself.

Live performance 👉 youtube.com/watch?v=UyBD2TQDi_

DJ Stefan Egger brought the dancefloor to life at Elevate Festival. If you missed his brilliant performance, you can now listen to his set and get into the festival mood once again. 👇

Turn up the volume!

Presented by Atropa.


RT @SonarFestival@twitter.com

Lo-fi electronic soul that cuts to the quick. Don't miss Tirzah at on Fri 29th Oct. Presented by @elevatefestival@twitter.com and @weare_europe@twitter.com cccb.sonar.es

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