So let's try this. I'm not , tried this 2 times on now defunct hosts. But a lot has changed.

What's the mobile app you would recommend?

@flowolf I'm using Tusky but there is a brand new "original" app that hit the web a few days ago. I haven't tested but I've read good things about it here.

@publicvoit used tusky in the past. Will try the official app now, I guess 😜

@flowolf @publicvoit I am also trying the new app - it is general ok but not fully functional atm (guess this will change soon) - so I might try Tusky as well

@publicvoit @flowolf I'm just trying it. It looks a bit more modern than Tusky but isn't feature complete yet.

I'll see if it doesn't have this Tusky issue which annoys the hell out of me: pressing the "load more" button inserts the loaded toots below the current viewport so that you have to scroll down, find the first unread toot, and then scroll up to read the news ones in chronological order again.

@tsdh @flowolf I think the reported issue isn't affecting me. I assume the position before pressing the button is important. If the button is below or above screen middle maybe.

@publicvoit @flowolf Yes, that's what I assumed, too, but even though I scrolled that the button is right at the screen's top, it'll push the newly loaded toots downwards.

What sometimes worked is pressing the button and quickly scrolling down so that the button is far above my current viewport...

@flowolf I would be interested in iOS apps as well, tried 3 but not satisfied yet.

@sophie_docs have Android in use. Just heard people mentioning 'toot'

@flowolf If you like flexibility at the expense of complexity and some of the inner workings kind off exposed, Subway Tooter is excellent. It has features I can't live without, like defining my own one-click helper buttons to share with Pocket or any other app.

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