The weather forecast for tomorrow is quite positive, so for tomorrow's event we'll meet in front of Tropicante at Lendplatz 😀

On 2022-09-19 we want to see on more time we can do an outdoor meetup at Lendplatz. Hope you have time 😀

Monday's meetup in Graz will take place (if the weather allows it) at Lendplatz. We'll meet in front of Tropicante 😋 (

Quick reminder that next Monday it's time for GoGraz again 🙂 The location hasn't been decided (either online or at Lendplatz as social meetup), so please chime in on 😬

The next meetup in is going to take place on 2022-06-20 either online or in-person! Please let us know which you'd prefer either here or in the comments on 🙂

Quick reminder that the next meetup in is just a couple of days away 🥳

The next meetup in will finally take place in-person again! But don't worry, we'll be meeting up outside at Lendplatz! You can find all the details on 😀

April is here and the weather is pretty much what it should be this month: a mess. This won't stop us from having our regular meetup, though, on 2022-04-18 at 19:00 +02:00! Due to the Easter holidays it's not yet clear if we'll have any talks, though. As always, if you want to present something or just have some questions that you think might be answered by the group, please just come and show/ask 🙂

For further details and meetup notes please visit

In about two weeks (on 2022-03-21) we are going to meet again online for a meetup 😀 This time Christoph Lipautz is going to give an overview over pogo, a GitLab executor using podman! You can find out more on

Only three weeks to go until we have our next meetup! This time there's going to be a talk by Sameer Oak about a data caching framework he's been working on!

You can find all the details on !

Better late than never! Here's the announcement for our for January. It will take place on 2022-01-17 at 19:00 online. There are no long talks planned yet but we'll still perhaps have some lightning talks 🙂

As always, you can get the whole info-package on !

The next meetup in is going to take place on 2021-12-20 at 19:00 🙂 You can find all the details (as always) on !

Just a quick update: We have now moved the GoGraz account to We hope to gain a bit more visibility with that within local community 🙂

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