Yesterday afternoon we arrived in Esch-Sur-Alzette where we will be participating in a project called Radio Art Zone. My piece will be om air and on line from Sunday August 14 2pm until Monday August 15 noon:

Reni will play from Wednesday August 17 2pm until Thursday August 18 noon:

If you happen to be in the neighborhood, check our opening hours and pay us a visit at Bridderhaus 😎

@jogi Who would have thought that, it just started to rain i Esch-Sur-Alzette! Not much, but much needed.

The show is in its ninth hour, a little less than 13 more to go. Visit here if you like and listen to the stream:

@jogi that's it, the show is over! Thanks to everyone, especially Sarah and Knut who organized 🥰 and of course Reni, who stayed with me the whole time🥰

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