I fell in love with the -App ! You can help to complete the without technical knowledge, simply by taking little challenges in your neighborhood - and the UI looks great! As a non-developer, I've never felt more capable of opposing Google:)

You can get it on !

Wow, after two days of activity I am on global rank #3755... This project deserves more promotion.

Don't listen to @marcusmeindel, it's a trap! Don't get #StreetComplete! You'll be addicted in an hour, start #HOTosm within a week, download #JOSM in a month and spend the rest of your life researching GPS devices and being the guy that always lags behing during a walk.

@grob And it's really frustrating, not always having a measuring tape with you to measure the width of all the streets! I mean... they give you this digital tools to measure, but they don't work at night, but I want to do it now! Despite it's dark... and honestly, I'm not sure, where I am.

I actually go back to bridges with a laser distance measure and hide from the police. This has gotten way out of hand. Send help!

It does! It is actually helpful also from an egoistic perspective: e.g. if you solve the quests where you enter opening hours for shops in your neighbourhood, you can see these opening hours afterwards in your favourite #OSM based map app (e.g. #OrganicMaps). No more googling the opening hours of the bakery across the street.


@marcusmeindel I always just used #JOSM to add house numbers, shops and other missing details in my neighbourhood. (Also charted several villages from sat pics.)
But gameification is great, keep playing!

@marcusmeindel StreetComplete is awesome. The perfect companion app to Organic Maps.

+1 for #streetcomplete , fantastic initiative to lower the threshold for mapping and making it more like a game.
Problem (in my area) though is the OSM 'moderators' who reject or alter my updates without factual verification. While I appreciate the need for moderation dealing with armchair warriors who dispute facts is hugely frustrating.

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