@publicvoit I'd have to write a bigger reply to this, but in this whole surge in popularity of Zettelkasten there seems to be a recurring misunderstanding: Zettelkasten is *not* meant to keep todo's. Maintaining a ZK with the goal of managing tasks is a perversion of what it actually is: an interconnected collection of thoughts and ideas, which one can traverse to reconstruct thoughts or come up with new ideas, and (most importantly) a place where one writes and does intellectual labour.

@EFLS I agree. However, so far, I haven't had to make a difference. When I was at notes/software/Emacs/Org/knowledge-management, I could add a "test ZK" task as well. With a ZK, I'd have to use a different location for that task.

@publicvoit Yes, but that is because the "test ZK" task itself is vastly different from a note with thoughts on ZK, a note which might become a node in a broader web of thought. My point is that your critique about adding new todo's is mistaken because Zettelkasten is not meant to maintain todo's. Put even more directly: I'm convinced that a ZK in which one tries to keep todo's will fail as a ZK. But perhaps I should take the time to write that out more elaborately.

@EFLS I totally agree that ZK is not the framework for todos. However, what I don't know yet is how to mitigate this in real world scenarios where I want to create a todo that is related to a node in my ZK.
How to choose a spot for it without losing the connection?

@publicvoit Ah, from your blog post I understood you wanted to mix in todo's, but that might be a misunderstanding on my part. In any case, I simply add a link from the Org todo to the relevant note. I imagine the type of link depends on the type of software you use, but ultimately it should be the unique note ID in your Zettelkasten.

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