can't be viewed in a mobile browser?
I need to find a way to get rid of reddit somehow.

@publicvoit It's a trick they pull off randomly, AFAIU. I'd suggest Slide, a comprehensive and nice FOSS reddit client.

Lemmy is a full-blown federated alternative to Reddit based on #ActivityPub protocol. Recently launched and developing rapidly.


@humanetech @cadadr Thanks for the link to this great project. However, I'm using reddit to promote my blog entries to a wide range or people. Therefore, reddit is not important to me, the number of readers is important to me. Once again: so far, the best platform is not winning the masses.

@publicvoit understandably. Network effects are real, and hard to overcome by any newcomer. But you might publish to both platforms, and thus help deal with that :)


@humanetech @cadadr Is there a list of instances? Are they all interconnected or just some?

@atomicpoet Promoting blog articles, posing questions and answering questions. You can find me on reddit where I'm using the same alias.

@atomicpoet A better but still a bad idea: any web-based forum has too many disadvantages IMHO compared to the Usenet.
In this case: nobody is using Lemmy yet. So I may publish something cool but I don't get readers. Therfore: still web-based and no readers ➡️ Nope.

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