@publicvoit Alle diese Kameras zeichnen auch dann auf, wenn der Tesla geparkt ist! Outrageous.


In principle, they only record (parked or otherwise) if the driver connects an external hard drive and activates the relevant functionality. As the report says, in this particular case the driver is co-responsible for compliance with #GDPR and other regulations (e.g., I'm pretty sure that parking a #Tesla next to a French power plant will earn you some socialising with the gendarmerie).


@rochelimit @publicvoit

Concerns are more about driver and occupant data, e.g., it records (in principle anonymous) voice clips, alertness state, driving actions and habits, location, etc, etc, etc.

From what I've seen so far, they're not yet evil™ à la Google & co., but if they wanted to start selling all that data to #advertisers, right now there's nothing to stop them other than possible public backslash.

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