Don't Contribute Anything Relevant in Web Forums Like Reddit
... just a few days old and it already is the number one blog article of mine according to access and feedback. 😎

@publicvoit Do you mind if I copy this (with attribution of course), toot it and use it as my pinned toot?

This is a manifesto.

@eludom As long as you keep the attribution + URL I don't mind. Glad that it resonates with people. It's about time.

@publicvoit Thanks.

My dad ran a Microfilm department for the (USA state of) Ohio Historical Society for 25 years. Newspapers from the 19th and 20th century (and president Harding's papers) will now be available for 100s of years.

Preservation matters.


@eludom Yes. Most people will only realize this when the term "the dark years" is commonly known as the time between roughly mid/end 90s and I-don't-know-when.

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