Vojislav over at has published his including his method to organize tasks, calendar, goals & notes:
All it takes is his interactive file and an device. 👍

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@publicvoit A lovely exercise in simple and easily accessible design. I almost cried of joy as the author was explaining that you don't have to install anything.

Now i'm coming for you, you clew of software complexity 0.o

@polezaivsani As beautiful as it is I probably would have some issues with the number of layers where I should maintain stuff. Following his method would solve that of course but not for any method that is using less layers or even requirements where stuff is moved from one day to the next and so forth.

@publicvoit Yep, agree. I have plenty grudges with pdf to ever think about embracing something like that myself.

It was it's practical simplicity that struck me.

To me it's akin to having an irc bot for accessing banking services. Or participating in a democratic processes by email.

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