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Still valid: karl-voit.at/2020/10/23/avoid-

I'd love to see a new spring for or - this rather old technology is so much superior in my opinion to any web forum.

@publicvoit There were BBSes in the 80's that were more advanced than most web forums. The thing I miss most about newsgroups is using a single reader of my choice to participate in multiple communities. The online experience has taken steps backwards in so many ways when it comes to usability.


@CarlCravens I never used BBS (although I'm that old). However, I second the bad UX of . Absolute basic things like "recognizing what I've already read and what is new" is a total fail in most web forum implementations and I simply do not understand why not everyone is complaining on a daily basis. And this is just one example. 🤷

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@publicvoit I remember BBS software where I could log in and press a single button that said, "Show me all the new messages since I last read," and then you just keep hitting 'n' after each message, and you see every new message from every sub-board you're subscribed to. No hunting, no navigating from board to board. I think the only web forum software that does that is $$$, and it still does it poorly.

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