Hey people, we really should replace with a much more user-friendly lightweight markup such as :

It's tedious to write MD all day. And there is almost no support for authoring MD compared to Org.

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I read through the documentation, it doesn't look much different from markdown, it has blocks which is something new but everything else is pretty much the same

I'll go by headings

*Org Mode Is Intuitive, Easy to Learn and Remember*
Markdown as well

*Org Mode Is Standardized*
It's just another flavour of markdown

*Org Mode Is Consistent*
I don't really see an advantage here, moreover you're comparing across different flavours of markdown, which is not a fair comparison since orgdown is one of them.
Generally you can use # for headings and so on
I don't see huge problems with the consistency in lists either
I'll give you that links in markdown suck, but the orgdown solution isn't really much better

*Org Mode Can Be Easily Typed*
Also markdown, just don't use underlined headings

*Org Mode Makes Sense Outside of Emacs*
That would be the least to even propose it as an alternative

*Org Mode Has Excellent Tool Support (If You Want)*
Editors I use support markdown but not this flavour

All in all, I didn't find any significant improvement which would justify switching to this system
Keep in mind a lot of software would have to be updated to support it and people learn it

@rastinza Oh. I came to completely different conclusions here. And I guess you never experienced true editor tool support for any markup.

In my personal experience, I can tell you that MD is far from simple to learn and use. We do have much difficulties in business and I had to migrate lots of MD documents to stupid Confluence which introduces other difficulties.

This is nothing we can discuss on a social network. I would need to show you many things I wrote about.

Orgdown is extremely similar to markdown, it's just another flavour adding to all the others.
Difficulties will be more or less the same; of course if you're using only orgdown it will be easier for you to manage all your documents, but the same goes if you choose one markdown flavour and keep all your documents formatted in that way.

I use mainly Zettlr to take notes, do research and write documents.
Markdown is supported and it works well.
It's easy and quick to take notes, I learned everything I needed to learn in less than 5 minutes

I don't know about businesses, but I didn't see any clear advantage of orgdown over markdown that would make it more feasible


One thing I don't see in this is a way to add identifiers to sections.

Do you know if this possible in #Orgdown?

Even in org-mode, it's friendly but can be funky.

@emacsen Orgdown1 is a *minimal* set of Org-mode syntax elements. Therefore, drawers with ID properties are omitted. This is planned for OD2 or OD3.


To be 100% fair, in Markdown it's a total hack to have IDs, but it's a critical feature for my use case. Other than that, I agree that Markdown isn't nearly as clear or fun as Org-Mode


Also I didn't realize you were the author. My apologies. :)

@idlestate @publicvoit

Exactly this. It's a total hack but it solves the need.


legit. thanks.

(now I need to go back & make note of Karl's repo, living as I do in the cracks among different markups)


@emacsen @idlestate In our company, we're using pp (maybe - I got multiple different hits) to mitigate certain things that MD isn't providing.

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