Bad idea 

... to use content warnings to hide normal things.

CWs are here for a good reason: hide really nasty stuff that triggers most people. That's what "warning" means.

If you do use CWs for normal content, people like me have to enable "show CW" in order to disable the useless button to show the CW content so that we are able to read our timeline without clicking on each message. This makes CWs useless.

Don't use it for headlines or snowflake protection.

Assume people filter by .

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Bad idea 

@publicvoit Content warnings are what you think are offensive. People who agree with you won't see your posts. People who disagree with you will be upset with you. The only thing content warnings can do is bother people who disagree with you, without helping people who agree with you at all. Assume people filter by hashtags because you *should* use tags, not content warnings.

Bad idea 


CWs are not _only_ intended for hiding triggers:

“… CW will be shown, similarly to an email subject line or a “read more” break. This can be used to add a summary or subject for your post, to collapse long posts, or to otherwise provide context or setup for the body of the post.”

Bad idea 

@publicvoit @dredmorbius I mean, define “normal things”. For instance, there are a lot of alcoholics out there, so I always CW alcohol mentions so that I don’t lovingly describe a cocktail and send an alcoholic into relapse. Would you call that “snowflake protection”?

@morganth @dredmorbius I'd probably define it differently: do not turn CWs useless for most users.

At the moment, I either have to show all content by default or block all users of CW. Both is bad for the media Mastodon or this feature.

@publicvoit @dredmorbius No, I'm going to keep CWing for things that I think will protect people (like my alcoholics example, even though "most users" aren't alcoholics), or for things like spoilers, or just to set up jokes. If that means that some people will block me, that's a price I'm willing to pay.

@morganth Those are both legit.

What I'm speaking about especially are interests or hobbies. People absolutely bury those under CWs.

Moreover, as I noted, CWs are not searchable. That "subject heading" up there ... loses all effect once it falls beneath the fold. Mastodon / Fediverse discovery sucks as is.

For hashtags, what's worse is that they do not appear in search unless the post they appeared in is public. I should be able to turn up any hastagged content visible to me in scope. It also means that if I want to use hashtags for effective discovery I must post to public timelines. (My default is "unlisted" --- this appears to my followers but doesn't pollute the public timeline.)

And yes, I'll CW jokes for punchlines, etc. That's a principle intended use.

There are multiple #UIUX and evolved-usage / #DesirePath failures here. They've persisted now for years.


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