This is near Cromwell, OK. Brent Havins shot this video of a wind turbine that got struck by lightning.


@publicvoit had to reupload cause I didn't want that Twitter rt garbage in my share :)

@liaizon @publicvoit seeing the thread immediately become an argument between people who think repping Team Renewables or Team Fossil Fuel is in any way useful or effective reminds me why I'm so glad to not be over there anymore

@robotcarsley @publicvoit I didnt click on the link at all I just liked the pretty smoke spirals

@robotcarsley @liaizon Oh, thanks for the pointer. I didn't read the discussion. But hey, the world's full of idiots - and they're connected with each other using modern technology nowadays. 🤷
We're f***ed anyways.

@liaizon @publicvoit wow, I like the blaze, but it made smoke rings too

@publicvoit what is burning? I hadn't realized there were flammable materials in a turbine like that.

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