Everyone seems to forget why and GNOME 3 and happened

Another good reason to ban .

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I had no idea. Thanks, it was interesting and explains some strange GNOME 3&40 choices (I love GNOME but I need a few extensions, like for the minimize button).

@publicvoit No, that blog post is pure fan fiction. Nothing happened that way.

@ebassi You should reply to the blog article of the author.

@publicvoit I'm not entirely sure engaging with a conspiracy theorist is a great use of my time

@publicvoit conspiracy theorists can have day jobs; that doesn't mean they are right. In this particular instance, the entire blog post reads like the Pepe Silvia scene from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: a wildly misguided reading of a bunch of events.

@ebassi @publicvoit The story told there doesn't match how I remember events ... I hope this blog post doesn't start doing the rounds

@ebassi @publicvoit Federico was there and is, let's say, a bit less diplomatic about this blogger's fanfic

@publicvoit Never heard that story and it has never laid out that way.

If those assumptions were true we would've never had any backlash against Gnome 3 but fully support from the community.

Also nobody can kicking out anyone on a opensource project, Canonical decided to build its DE for taking the favorable momentum and because its own peculiar NIH syndrome.

The passage from Gnome 2 to 3 is because RH decided to change it from being a project into a product.

Are we even rewriting the history now? :flan_facepalm:

@freezr I'd recommend you to write a comment to the author's article.

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