Protesilaos Stavrou: Random sites are not tech support for my packages

"Do not use , , or any other platform in hope that I will provide tech " 👍

: Logging With

appendorgheading is really useful in my workflows - you should read about it so that you may use it too for logging into org, generating content and so forth.

Mickey Petersen: Keyboard Macros are Misunderstood

Wow, I had no idea how versatile keyboard macros are. I only used it for simple recording and playback the last decades.

I'll join the BarCamp tomorrow.

I have prepared something. If you want, I can do a session on that:
My Session at the BarCamp 22:

There will be no recordings.

Are you using a catch-all domain + a flexible email client + an open contact management?

How about using one email address per contact in an automated fashion in order to track or even email ?


The editor will be discontinued:

Another once hyped editor bites the dust. Again, and its community continues working with their evergrowing environment perfectly fine. ( is also OK, if you need an only.)

The Configuration Generator

IMHO one of the most promising candidate for optimizing the beginners experience for this great tool!
This needs all support it can get!

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