: Logging With karl-voit.at/2020/01/01/append

appendorgheading is really useful in my workflows - you should read about it so that you may use it too for logging into org, generating content and so forth.

I'll join the BarCamp tomorrow.

I have prepared something. If you want, I can do a session on that:
My Session at the BarCamp 22: karl-voit.at/2022/07/02/bcg22-

There will be no recordings.

If you do find the idea of intriguing and want to contribute to the discussions of future levels, visit gitlab.com/publicvoit/orgdown/ and add your thoughts.

On OD: gitlab.com/publicvoit/orgdown

Are you using a catch-all domain + a flexible email client + an open contact management?

How about using one email address per contact in an automated fashion in order to track or even email ? karl-voit.at/2015/02/01/muttfi


I'd love to see more support for in because it has many advantages for users who type syntax elements compared to other lightweight languages such as : gitlab.com/publicvoit/orgdown (for a comparison, read karl-voit.at/2017/09/23/orgmod ➡️ is the name for the syntax of )

git: post-commit hook for determining large number of deleted lines in

Many years(?) I did not have an issue but today, this method saved my ass again. I was able to restore an undetected bad change in thousands of lines.
😌 :orgmode:

: Path-Independent Links to Local Files Via

Linking files in so that their link never breaks when you change its directory? Here is your solution!

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