This is not unique to the app "Google Authenticator". It's an open standard named and you can use many different applications to store and use TOTP for . Always choose an offline app for that purpose.

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there is no reason not to use 2-factor authentication everywhere! do it!


Orga­ni­za­tions that create soft­ware assets will have to forbid the use of and other AI-assisted tools, lest they unwit­tingly cont­a­m­i­nate those soft­ware assets with viola­tions and intel­lec­tual-prop­erty infringe­ments

To all new users: here is a user guide for you: :mastolove:

I also recommend to get experienced by enabling with (use FreeOTP on Android) and (if possible) with USB token.

How People Conceive the and the Consequences

TL;DR: people know almost nothing about the basics and make bad decisions for them.

⚠️ Warnung vor dem Bayerischen Staatsministerium für Digitales: die betreiben eine Webseite, wo sie euch auffordern, eure Passwörter einzugeben:

Bitte NIEMALS auf Webseiten wie dieser ein eingeben! 🤦‍♂️

It looks as if demands a phone number to log in to 3 of my 6 accounts I've got.

Since I won't give them any phone number, those accounts are now lost completely to me.

I've activated for the remaining 3 accounts.

I just seem to have lost all my favorites, maps, tracks, configuration, addons because of 's decision to lock me out of my own data and OsmAnd's inability to migrate my old data. 🤬
and done wrong.

ist gerade überglücklich, was die neue deutsche Regierung da ins Programm geschrieben hat:
Da kann man als südlicher Nachbar eifersüchtig werden 😉
Das wird sicher auch bei uns etwas bewirken. 👍

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