Can we stop being bombarded by adverts?

please caption your media to make your posts accessible for blind and partially blind users of screenreaders


@eibart Danke für den Hinweis, das werden wir in Zukunft berücksichtigen.

dabei können helfen:
@PleaseCaption folgen, um bei posten von media daran erinnert zu werden
@OCRbot der Schrift aus Bilddateien (nicht lesbar für screenreader) in lesbare Buchstaben transformiert, wenn man in in die Antwort setzt

@werbefrei Image description:
A black monolith-style ad screen on a street. The screen is turned off. Someone has spraypainted over it in large block letters: "This ad uses the same electricity as three average households - Global heating machine"

@werbefrei @notplants I have trouble believing those numbers.

Time to research.

@notplants @werbefrei after 10 years in a hot environment the linked below uses a little over 2kW. Running 16 hours a day that leads to 11,913kWh a year. (Cool and new 9,460kWh)
The average house in the worst state of Australia uses 8,619kWh a year, 4,615 for the best state.

So plausible if you pick the numbers you want.

@LovesTha @werbefrei
thanks for following up!

I found the image resonant even if not exactly accurate in all ways of defining "average household",
for bringing attention to the question,
why are we spending energy day and night on these electric ads at all when there are real needs elsewhere... but always an interesting question to me how to draw the line between poetic and misleading communication... I find it good to know that its not a completely ridiculous claim though and appreciate your impulse to research ... as technically someone could grafitti anything there and take a photo of it

@notplants @werbefrei it's on those of us with skills in the right areas to do the research (not that this research needs too deeper knowledge of electronics, but having some does help)

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